Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Trick or treating is one of the best childhood traditions. Who didn’t love dressing up, getting lots of candy and laughing with friends? While the magic of Halloween is definitely not the same as when we were kids, it’s still tons of fun to dress up with your friends. Here are five group costume ideas for this Halloween:

1. Mario Kart: Have a crew of video-game-loving friends? This idea is great if you have a large group of friends. Have each member of your friend group dress up as a character from Mario Kart. Just don’t fight too much over who gets to be Mario or Luigi.

2. Pac-Man and Ghosts: This is honestly one of the cutest group costumes I’ve seen. Have two or three friends dress up as the colored ghosts, and one friend dress up as Pac-Man. Not only will this costume bring back nostalgia for the good-ole Pac-Man days, but it is also an excuse to chase around the annoying friend in your friend group.

3. Smurfs: Looking for a costume at the last minute? This one is pretty easy to pull-off. Just buy some blue body paint and wear white clothes. Or, if you don’t have time to buy paint, simply layer blue clothing under a white tee shirt or dress.

4. Where’s Waldo: This classic Halloween costume is pretty simple as well. All you need is a striped red and white tee-shirt and some blue jeans. Plus, wearing that bright red tee-shirt, you’ll never lose your friends at a party.

5. M&Ms: M&Ms is a great, practically effortless costume idea. All you need is a colored tee-shirt, some tape, and a paper cutout of the letter ‘M.’ This costume is super fun for a large group of friends, and can even be worn solo. Plus, it’s a great way to incorporate the tradition of candy into your Halloween costume.

6. Dominoes: This easy Halloween costume is great for a group but is also one that you can rock out solo. All you have to do is wear an all black outfit, and stick on some white paper circles.

7. Superheroes: Have you ever wished you had a superpower? Halloween is the perfect excuse to pretend that you do. Form your own group of Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy with your friends — just don’t fight over who gets to be who.

8. Rock, Paper, Scissors: Up for some friendly competition? Rock, Paper, Scissors is a great for a group of three, and is super easy to assemble. Just get some cardboard, foam, and aluminum foil to create your costume.

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Madison Tolley is a staff writer for The Lorian.

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