Gorilla vs. Man

By Mikailah Shealer

With man gone, will there be hope for gorilla?

The world is not big enough for both.

Is the Keystone species Homo sapien or Gorilla beringei?

One will flourish without the other or

one will fail without the other,

depending on the perspective.

Humans are the most adaptable species, but

what we call adapting Mother Nature calls manipulation.

If humans vanished, she would prevail or

perhaps fail (because of the damage we’ve done).

This is all

depending on perspective.

Are we killing the earth or

is Mother Nature trying to kick us out by killing herself?

We’re too far past the point of no return.

We can’t reverse (history is not for repeating), but

we can learn and revive and reduce to progress,

depending on your perspective.

Authority has let us down, so we stripped them of their duty

and put the world in our own hands.

Man’s obsession with exponential growth and discovery

tells us to never cease, always look for the next best thing, the next new thing.

Our innate drive for expansion will kill us, or

will we kill each other over whether it’s true


For this, perspective is insignificant

compared to fact.

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