‘Get Out:’ Movie Review

A horror movie in recent years that is unlike any other. The film “Get Out” features a couple who are racially different. The main character, Chris Washington, is a black man dating a white woman named Rose Armitage. The two are on their way to meet her parents, but they haven’t told them that he is a different color than she is. When they meet, the family is seemingly normal. But as time goes on, the family starts to act oddly. At first the mother wants to help with his smoking problem through hypnosis, but Chris refuses.

As the film progresses, the creepiness and tone of the movie starts to shift. Although parts of the movie have comedic moments, the overall tone is a horrifying atmosphere. Writer Jordan Peele of Key and Peele has brought a new type to the horror film genre.

The cast is great at setting the uncomfortable tone in the middle of the film and bring their A-game toward the end where everything hits the fan. The two main leads brilliantly pull the audience into the tense moments and frightening imagery that presents itself throughout the film. “Get Out” is a new type of horror that will cause people to shut their eyes and ears as they watch this thrill ride of a movie.

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Chris Young is a writer for The Lorian.

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