Fall Free Days Frenzzzzzy

With fall free days right around the corner, we students are eager to get off campus after midterm week. Whether you go home or stay on campus, here are some ways to spend your break:


After a brutal week of midterms, fall free days are a perfect time to catch up on all the sleep you lost to studying. So turn off your alarms, sleep in, and take that extra nap. You deserve it!

Spend time with family

Fall break is a great opportunity to catch up with your loved ones, so make sure to set aside some quality time with them. Whether you plan a big dinner, game night, or just hang out, you’re sure to enjoy the extra time spent with them. And if you’re staying on campus, make sure to give them an extra call or two during your free time.

Go outside

Although you may just want to sleep or binge Netflix for the entire break, be sure to go outside and enjoy the fresh fall air. Go on a hike, take the dog for a walk, or take a trip to a pumpkin patch, because before you know it, the harsh winter will be upon us.

Don’t eat out

One of the best things about going home is the home-cooked meals. Save your money and take advantage of those freshly cooked meals that you just can’t get at the Café. If you’re staying on campus, branch out and try cooking something that you wouldn’t normally make.


Okay, hear me out. Of course, fall free days are a time to relax and spend time with your family and friends. If you happen to have some spare time, though, it can be a great idea to get a head start on the next half of the semester.

Road Trip

Gather some friends and take a mini road trip to a nearby city for a couple days. It’s a great way to relax and get your mind off of all things school-related. It doesn’t have to be far or expensive; be creative!



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