by Anonymous

Everyday I arise wishing the minutes would pass by more quickly
only  to fall back asleep
and do the same
the next day.
Everyday I find myself so deep in
my depression that it is nearly impossible to escape.

Everyday I wish that I hadn’t been
born the way I am.
Everyday I loathe myself more
and more.
Everyday I think about jumping
out my window.
Everyday I wish I simply weren’t here.

Everyday I arise wondering why
am I the way I am only to realize
I just need to accept who I am.
Everyday I find myself so deep
in my troubles that I need to think
of this as a blessing.

Everyday I wish that more people are able to be as accepted as I am.
Everyday I loathe the hate that the world shows to people like me.
Everyday I think about how fortunate I actually am.
Everyday I wish that we can all be accepted.

Everyday I arise hating myself
for these unwanted feelings
for you only to realize that these feelings might never go away.
Everyday I find myself so deep
in my dreams that I forget they
will never come true.

Everyday I wish that maybe somehow, someway it could happen.
Everyday I loathe these feelings
only to find them getting stronger
and stronger.
Everyday I think about us together knowing it won’t ever happen.
Everyday I wish that this feeling
would just disappear.

Everyday I arise thinking of you only
to realize that you will never think
of me in that same way.
Everyday I find myself so deep in
love that I can never shake the thought of letting you escape my mind.

Everyday I wish you were mine.
Everyday I loathe you because I know you’ll never love me the way I love you.
Everyday I think about you being
with another.
Everyday I wish you knew.

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