Dubuque artist creates larger than life sculpture

DUBUQUE – A local Dubuque artist is creating some ambitious artwork.

Taking something humans use everyday and making it larger than life, Emma Duehr is making a statement on the damage people have on the Earth.

Her project is called, “Unearthed.”

For her senior year project at Clarke University, Duehr is focusing on the sixth mass extinction and what she believes are the five main causes of it.

The first reason she explores through this sculpture is transportation methods, which is why she’s created this nine foot wheel.

She said, “I got to our transportation methods, so transportation methods got to a wheel, so this is how i got to a wheel, and its powered by our everyday motions of walking.”

Emma’s Professor Jessie Rebik isn’t surprised at the scale of this project Emma has taken on.

She said, “It’s ambitious for sure, just in size and scale, she definitely had to work very hard for that.”

When Emma’s project is finished, there will be four more sculptures to accompany this wheel, one for each cause of mass extinction. However, she’s not sure what the other four will look like just quite yet.

“The next four will also be an industrial machine that is used in our everyday life, which is powered by our behaviors of our everyday life,” she explained.

Professor Rebik is eager to see all of the sculptures together when Duehr is finished.

“I’m just really eager to see what her senior performance exhibition, what takes, what shape it takes and you know that sculpture is just the first of many,” Rebik stated.

Emma is happy to finally see her hard work in motion.

“My favorite part is just seeing all the repetition of the wood cutting and the measurements really come together and just like fit,” she said.

All five sculptures will be on display in the Quigley Art Gallery at Clarke University in April 2017.

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