Du-What? Du-blin: Things That Completely Threw Me for a Loop Upon Moving to Dublin

1. The skill that is mastering public transportation. You are not only expected to flag down the bus you want to ride like a taxi, but then you also must be aware enough while riding not to miss your bus stop. Did I mention the inconsistency that comes with public transport? Sometimes you just have to switch buses because no one came to relieve your bus driver. Also, your ETA can vary from a swift 30 minutes to an hour depending on the day of the week, going to the same location each time.

2. Food expiration dates. It’s no secret that America pumps a lot of preservatives into the food we consume, but before coming to Ireland I didn’t realize HOW MUCH random crap is actually in what we eat. Almost all types of food that I buy from the store goes bad within two or three days of opening it; I consider myself extremely fortunate if I get juice that lasts five days. This is what I now get excited about: anything that can be eaten/drunk within five days of opening it — what a time to be alive!

3. The coffee situation. Drip coffee, also known as filtered coffee in Europe, is almost non-existent in regular coffee shops (at least from what I’ve seen). Yup. Honestly, an Americano is the closest you can get to regular coffee, even if filtered coffee is an option. If you constantly want just a plain cup of joe or if you’re just a junkie with no shame, you’re going to have to pony up the money to buy your own coffee maker. Either-or really.

4. Sporadic heating. You either got really really hot water or no hot water.

5. Smoking. Even though the box containing the cigarettes that people smoke says in large bolded print SMOKING KILLS and sometimes shows a picture of someone who had cancer in their mouth (presumably because of cigarettes), it’s Dublin’s number one pastime, next of course to having a good time.

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