Disney Easter Eggs part three

Calasandra Spray (TheLorian)

While Carpet’s adventures took him all over the Disney universe, his origin appears to have been in Motunui. The 2016 film Moana appears to host a number of other origins and cameos as well.

One such origin is the familial line of Crush and Squirt. At the beginning of the film, when Moana is a toddler and discovers the heart of Tafiti, you can see a baby turtle and an adult one in the ocean. While many have theorized that these turtles are Squirt and Crush, and turtles do live a long time, I don’t believe Squirt would still be a baby by the time he appeared in Finding Nemo. Instead, I believe the turtles are Crush, as a baby, and his father, Squirt’s grandfather. Either way, our beloved turtle’s origin is made out to be from the island of Motunui. 

Another history that is told behind the scenes of Moana’s adventure is that of Corona. After Moana has healed Tafiti and is returning home, the camera pans in on Motunui to show that the rest of the world is healing now that Tafiti has her heart. The first flower to come back to life is the golden flower, stated as the only one of its kind, that heals Rapunzel’s mother when she is sick and Rapunzel is still in the womb. Since Disney has identified Motunui and Corona to inhabit the same island, a few more theories developed by cameos in the film are able to hold water.

For instance, the shamans that prophesied Moana’s trek across the sea to return Tafiti’s heart seem to have had a few more prophecies. One of which being Elsa, her magic powers, and the adventure she would embark on to discover herself. Roughly four minutes into the film, when the Chief, Moana’s father, pronounces there are no monsters, his hand knocks down a tapestry depicting Marshmello, the snow monster Elsa creates to protect her ice palace in Frozen. We know that Frozen and Tangled storylines inhibit the same time frame as Rapunzel and Flynn can be seen attending Elsa’s coronation at the beginning of the first Frozen film. Because they travel the ocean to attend Elsa’s coronation, it can be reasoned that Arendelle inhabits the same world as Corona, and since Motunui resided in the same location in history, then Marshmello is a long time from being brought into existence by an angsty Elsa. 

Interestingly enough, Marshmello isn’t the only character from Frozen who appears in Moana. Olaf, or at least his hand and nose, can be seen in the cargo hold of Moana’s raft as she packs to leave the island for the first time. Perhaps when her boat turned over out at sea, some of the supplies lost were her firewood and carrot. What is unclear is how, when these items washed up on the shore of Arendelle, they managed to not decay until Queen Elsa turned them into a snowman. 

Disney couldn’t stop there though. In the depths of Lalotia, the realm of monsters, when Maui first retrieves his hook and goes through a transformation crisis, he briefly becomes Sven the reindeer friend of Kristoff in Frozen. Perhaps one of Maui’s untapped powers is prophecy; he is a demi-god after all.

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