Disney Easter Eggs Part 1

Calasandra Spray (TheLorian)

Disney is a film industry that entertains children and adults alike. Moral lessons are taught to eager young minds, and wholesome plot lines give adults something to believe in. Magic is created in each tale, and not just because magic exists in the Disney universe, but because the classics as well as the new films bring hope for humanity. Sadly, the Disney universe seems a little too far away sometimes, a screen separating us from the magic. However, if we were to reach the other side, it wouldn’t be too far off to say that if you reach one Disney universe you’ve reached them all. They may not all be in one tight-knit location like Disney World, but the filmmakers have certainly hinted that most (if not all) of the stories reside in one world.

 Zazu from The Lion King seems to have this figured out. When he is imprisoned by Scar he briefly sings “It’s A Small World” before being cut off by an irritated lion. The song itself is an attraction at many Disney Parks as a water-based dark ride. So how does Zazu know this? Many Disney fans like to think perhaps Zazu is connected to a higher level of consciousness. After all, he predicted Scar’s inevitability as a throw rug. In the Lion King we aren’t told what happens to Scar after he runs away, however, his fate is revealed three years later when Disney released Hercules. During the song “Zero to Hero” our hero can be seen wearing the pelt of a lion. This in itself is a nod to the Nemaen lion, one of the 12 labors Hercules underwent. If you look closely though, Scar’s telltale scar reveals the pelt to be Disney’s own villain. The level of self-awareness shown from Zazu’s knowledge is freaky, but there’s much more. 

Beginning as early as Bambi in 1942 and into the present, Disney has been hinting at a universal reality for its characters with cameos and Easter eggs in almost all of its films. Some are incredibly easy to spot, like Scar appearing in Hercules or Sebastian snapping onto Genie’s finger in Aladdin. Others, like two elephant girls dressed as Anna and Elsa in Zootopia or Han’s wanted poster in Big Hero Six you have to pause the movie to catch. No matter big or small, Disney fans love looking for all the connections between films. After all, who wouldn’t want to believe that all of our favorite, and least favorite, characters share a universe.

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