Disney Animals Pt. 5

By Sarwan Moghamis (TheLorian)

As adults, Kito moved out of the Pride Lands and led his own lion pride. Inja was the new queen and married a lion named Linus. They had two cubs together, Myst and Jynx.

Myst was kidnapped as a cub by humans. Inja and Linus were filled with hatred towards humans. They raised Jynx to feel the same hatred. Fleck warned them not to turn to the dark side like Scar, but they ignored him.

Jynx grew into a ruthless killer and killed every human that invaded the Pride Lands. Inja and Linus no longer cared for ruling over the Pride Lands, they just wanted the humans to suffer.

Jynx murdered Tarzan and Jane. Korak grew into a fearless adult. He ran away to protect the gorilla pack but instead ran into Fleck. The two created an alliance to protect the Pride Lands.

Meanwhile, Myst was transferred to the New York zoo. Another lion was transferred to the same zoo, Samson. They fell in love and had a cub, Ryan. Myst passed away shortly after Ryan was born, leaving Samson to raise him on his own.

Samson would tell Ryan endless stories about what he called the jungle, the wild. The stories were told to him by Myst.

Encouraged by his father’s stories, Ryan ran away from home to see the jungle with his own eyes. He was taken by green crates that took him to the Pride Lands. Samson and his friends went after him.

In the Pride Lands, because of the poor leadership, animals cleared out. Wildebeest were the only animals that stood up against the lions. They were led by a wildebeest named Kazar. Once Samson and Ryan arrived, they were captured by Kazar. Luckily, they were able to defeat Kazar with the power of Samson’s roar.

As the two began their journey back home, they run into Fleck and Korak. They were told about the evil doings of Inja and Linus.

The four gathered every remaining animal of the Pride Lands, including giraffes, snakes, birds, monkeys, gorillas, elephants, zebras, hippos, rhinos, crocodiles, flamingos, antelope, bears, tigers, cheetahs, panthers, leopards, warthogs, meerkats, hyenas, and even some of the lionesses. They charged toward the Pride Lands and declared war against Inja, Linus, Jynx, and their pride.

During the war, the Pride Rock collapsed and crushed Inja. Linus and Jynx continued fighting, even after their pride surrender. Linus was chased away and picked up by one of the green crates. Jynx refused to surrendered and faced Fleck. Jynx was much stronger, but before he could finish Fleck off, Korak stabbed him with his father’s spear.

The war came to an end. It was revealed that Ryan was Inja’s grandson. Fleck, Korak, and the remaining animals elect Ryan to be the new king with Fleck’s supervision.

Back with the humans, Claude moved to France and changed his name to Frollo. He later became a judge, but establishing peace and justice was not on his mind.  

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