Disney animals: Part II

By Sarwan Moghamis (TheLorian)

Under M.C Monkey’s rule, animals were dying due to his carelessness to aid the kingdom with proper food and water. He gave away his leadership to the jungle, which created even more chaos. Eventually, some of the animals moved out, including the wolf pack. Baloo, Bagheera, Shere Khan, Kaa, and M.C Monkey passed away.

The lions were the first animals to speak up against the monkeys. Out of respect for M.C Monkey, the monkeys went up against the lions. This started a war between the monkeys and lions.

Leading the lions in this war were two friends named Mohatu and Kusho.

The war between monkeys and lions went on for years. The monkeys were slowly killed off one by one. The monkey’s doctor, the young Rafiki, took leadership over the monkeys and realized that the war had to come to an end.

Rafiki made peace with Mohatu and Kusho.

Shortly after the war ended, Mohatu and Kusho went their separate ways. Mohatu stayed in the jungle and became the new king.

Rafiki was the first to discover mystical powers among the jungle. This mystical power allowed him to communicate with living and non-living souls. Rafiki and Mohatu agreed to keep the mystical power hidden in his new home, a baobab tree.

Mohatu was getting old and knew that someone had to take the throne once he was gone. He wanted it to be someone who shared his blood. He mated with an unknown lioness and had a baby boy, Ahadi.

Once Mohatu died and Ahadi was old enough, he became the new king of the jungle.

The jungle was given a new name, the Pride Lands. Ahadi ruled from Pride Rock. Out of respect for Rafiki, Ahadi gave him a high position in the kingdom: to be a part of the choosing of the future kings.

Ahadi later fell in love with a lioness, Uru, and as time passed, Ahadi and Uru had their first son, Mufusa. Then, they had their second son, Taka. The two grew up to be loving brothers, until they became young adults.

Rafiki chose Mufusa to be the next king. Taka felt betrayed and went to the dark side.

Taka befriended an Outsider pack, the hyenas. Uru went to the Outsider land to get Taka, but on her journey back home, they got into a terrible accident that caused Uru’s death. Ahadi, out of rage, scratched Taka across the face, leaving a permanent scar on his eye.

Ahadi sent an army to attack the hyenas, creating negative tension between the prides. Taka decided to form a secret alliance with the hyenas, who later nicknamed him Scar.

Back with the humans, Mowgli was now a grown man who married his childhood friend, Shanti. The two later had a child, a baby girl named Willow. Some of the hyenas took over their village and killed several of their people.

The tribe began their search for a new home, as hyenas turned their village into their new home, the Elephant Graveyard.  

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