Disney animal evolution

By Sarwan Moghamis (TheLorian)

The Disney Animal Evolution is a story of how society has evolved over time with the use of everyone’s favorite Disney characters. Two stories will be told for each part of the series. One story will focus on the animal society, while the other focuses around the humans who interact with the animal society. There will be many characters that you are familiar with and some that you may even despise, but from the wisdom of the great lion king, Mufusa, “We are all part of the circle of life.”

The Disney Animal Evolution begins in 1545, with Snow White and the Evil Queen. The Evil Queen wanted Snow White killed because of her beauty. Snow White ran away and lived with seven dwarfs. She ate a cursed apple that put her to sleep. Her true love, the Prince, woke her up with a kiss. The Evil Queen was killed by her own doing. Vultures ate whatever remained of her body.

After Snow White and the Prince got married, they took over the Evil Queen’s kingdom. They grew old together and died.

The vultures ate Snow White and the Prince’s corpse. This left the entire kingdom vacant. The vultures soon reproduced and freely flew around the kingdom.

A decade later, the kingdom turned into a jungle and the most notable vultures who ran it were Buzzie, Flaps, Dizzy, and Ziggy.  

More animals appeared in the jungle. Since the castle was empty and free for the taking, the very first animal king took over, the young King Louie of the Apes. He turned the castle into his palace. The kingdom was over throne by monkeys, which meant all the other animals were left out.

Some animals had to live within their own packs. The wolf pack was one of the more notable packs, as it was also the first animal pack to raise a human child, Mowgli the Man Cub. The elephant heard was the first guard in the jungle, founded by Col. Hathi the Elephant. Some animals were able to live freely without a pack, such as the vultures, Kaa the Snake, Shere Khan the Tiger, Bagheera the Panther, and Baloo the Bear.

As mentioned earlier, Mowgli was one of the first humans to discover the jungle. He was brought up from an Indian village. Unfortunately, his parents passed away. Since his parent’s died, the rest of the village assumed Mowgli was dead too. Since Mowgli was raised by the wolf pack, he was not loyal to the kingdom.

Due to the disorder that comes with free will, Baloo and Bagheera destroyed King Louie’s palace. When the palace was destroyed, the monkey’s turned against Louie. M.C Monkey took over as the new king. He rebuilt the palace and turned the kingdom into a safe haven for all animals.

Mowgli was sent back to the Indian village, while Baloo and the rest of his friends stayed in the jungle. It was wise of Mowgli to leave as chaos settled into the jungle. 

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