Disney animal evolution: Part III

By Sarawn Moghamis (TheLorian)

Scar was next in line to take the throne, but when Mufusa and his wife, Sarabi, had a son, Scar was replaced. Mufusa’s son, Simba, was chosen to be the next king.  

 Scar took extreme measures and murdered Mufusa when Simba was only a child. Scar made Simba believe that it was him who killed his father, forcing him to run away from the Pride Lands. Scar fulfilled the position of king and brought darkness upon the land.

As for Mufusa, he was reincarnated into the great lion Aslan. Aslan found himself in a mystical land filled with centaurs, fauns, dwarfs, talking animals, and many other creatures. The land was known as Narnia.

Meanwhile, Simba found himself in a beautiful land known as Hakuna Matata. He was raised by a meerkat named Timon and a warthog named Pumbaa.

When Simba grew into an adult, he returned to the Pride Lands to face Scar. The war between lions and hyenas took place. In the end, the hyenas turned on Scar and killed him. Simba took his place as the new king. 

Back with the humans, the elder Mowgli successfully led the villagers to a new home, Hakuna Matata. When Timon and Pumbaa moved to the Pride Lands, Hakuna Matata was left vacant.

Once arriving at their new home, Mowgli died due to old age. When Willow grew up, she took leadership over the tribe, in honor of her father.

Simba and his childhood friend and wife, Nala, were gifted with a child of their own, a girl named Kiara. Kiara was chosen to be the very first female ruler of the Pride Lands. When her time arrived, she married a childhood friend, Kovu, and took her rightful place as queen.

In Hakuna Matata, Willow was sick and her oldest son, Powhatan, had to take leadership over the tribe. He became the chief and his first order was to salvage Willow’s soul. The tribe knew that, even with her gone, they still needed her wisdom.

A tribe ventured into the Pride Lands and found the enchanted baobab tree. Rafiki tried defending the mystical tree, but the tribe was ruthless. Powhatan murdered Rafiki and successfully left the Pride Lands with the tree’s mystic powers. 

When the tribe returned to their land, Willow was dead. They buried her body under a willow tree. They transferred the mystic powers they stole from the Pride Lands under the same tree. Willow was resurrected, but not the way the tribe hoped. Her soul lived inside the tree and she can only interact with those who ask for her wisdom. She became known as Grandmother Willow. She warned Powhatan that he would have a daughter who would change everything about the tribe’s way of life. Her name was Pocahontas.

Citizens of the Pride Lands were outraged by the death of Rafiki. Kiara and Kovu established a new law that forbad animals from interacting with humans.

Animals and humans quickly became enemies.

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