Disney animal evolution part 7

By Sarwan Moghamis (TheLorian)

The elder Fleck and Ryan turned Richard into the best king that the animal society ever had. King Richard’s brother, Prince John, was filled with jealously towards his brother. He tricked Richard into going on a trip that took him far away from Sherwood Forest.

With Richard gone, John took leadership over the forest. John was the complete opposite of his brother. While Richard was nurturing and accepting of all classes, John was selfish and greedy. He taxed all the citizens of Sherwood Forest to the point where everyone was poor or thrown in prison for not being able to pay.

Robin Hood, a fox, and Little John, a bear, were the first outlaws that stood against the injustice. They stole from the rich and gave to the poor, or in other words, they stole from Prince John and gave to the citizens.

Robin was able to steal back all the citizens’ riches. Shortly after Robin’s victory, Richard returned. He had John thrown in prison and brought order back to the land.

Life didn’t exactly go back to normal. The effects of Prince John’s rule weakened the land. There was a significant shortage of resources and citizens were slowly dying. Richard discovered the mysterious island of Motunui and learned that they had an endless supply of resources.

Robin Hood and Little John were sent to Motunui to steal some supplies. Moana, the new chief of the island, spotted the two and attacked. The two outlaws were largely outnumbered. Little John sacrificed his life to give Robin a chance to escape.

Robin returned to Sherwood Forest and told King Richard of the devastating loss of Little John. This was not the first time the humans took an animal life. Richard, filled with rage, declared war against the humans, specifically the people of Motunui.

During this time, Maui was still discovering himself. His search led him to Jamestown, where he met with the enchanted willow tree now known as Grandmother Pocahontas. She expressed her concern about the war between humans and animals. She revealed that only Maui can put an end to the fight. He had been given a powerful gift by Te Fiti when he was transformed into a demigod.

The animals of Sherwood Forest charged into Motunui. Moana gathered her troops and charged toward the animals. Richard faced off against Moana in a ruthless sword fight.

As the fight between the two intensified, Maui arrived before any more violence accrued. He released his powerful gift. His gift was a memory that inhabited everyone’s minds, but not his memory, the memory of Pocahontas’ great grandfather Mowgli.

Moana and Richard are shown the unity between humans and animals through Mowgli’s relationship with Baloo the Bear. The two had a meaningful relationship like no other. The two societies gazed into those memories and decided to put an end to their feud.

The point of this series was to illustrate the importance and the need for unity between two opposing sides. If fictional humans and animals can find common ground, then so can we. Hopefully one day we can all remember that we’re all one.

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