Disney Animal Evolution Part 6

By Sarwan Moghamis (TheLorian)

Judge Frollo had a heart filled with love and acceptance. Peace was maintained among the citizens of France. Frollo became a popular public figure that everyone admired. He was re-elected for several terms.

Frollo was enjoying his position, but he often felt lonely. After days of wandering the streets of Paris alone, he bumped into a gypsy woman. The two instantly clicked.

Some time passed and Frollo proposed to the gypsy woman. Shortly after their wedding, they had a son, but the son did not belong to Frollo. The gypsy woman was having an affair with a warrior from Atlantis.

Frollo was filled with rage. He had his wife killed. He hated all gypsies and accused all of them of witchcraft. He quickly became the most feared man in Paris. No gypsy was safe with him as an authority figure.

As for his wife’s son, Frollo tossed the helpless infant into the ocean. It wasn’t too long before he murdered another gypsy mother. Her son had been born with a hunchback that disgusted Frollo. Before killing her son, the archdeacon stopped him. He persuaded Frollo to raise the son, who was later known as Quasimodo.

Frollo raised Quasimodo to hate gypsies just as he did. He would tell him that gypsies are not capable of real love, only evil, but Quasimodo’s heart was too pure to follow in Frollo’s footsteps.

Quasimodo saved a young gypsy woman, Esmeralda, from Frollo’s evil, which led to his undoing.

Paris may be safe from Frollo’s rage, but this story isn’t about him or Quasimodo or Frollo’s hatred towards gypsies, it is about the child that was tossed into the ocean.

The child was rescued by his father and taken to Atlantis. The father passed away on his journey back home. Queen Kida and her husband, King Milo, took in the child. Unfortunately, he was unable to stay with them. His body had a negative reaction to the environment caused by his unusual DNA. Kida knew he would die if he was sent back. There was only one solution.

Kida called upon the goddess Te Fiti to give the child new life. The gods responded and transformed him into a demi-god. Maui was his new name. He was given the power to transform into any animal of his desire.

Maui left Atlantis and found himself on the island of Motunui. All Maui ever wanted was for people to love him and he did whatever it took to achieve that task. He stole the Heart of Te Fiti for the people of the Motunui but cursed the ocean in doing so. Moana, the daughter of the island’s chief, had Maui return the heart, but that wasn’t the end of the demi-god’s story.

Meanwhile, the Pride Lands changed its name to Sherwood Forest. Ryan became king and had two sons, Richard and John. Korak, before his passing, introduced clothing, a judicial system, and government to the animals.

While animals became adjusted to the new world, John decided to take advantage of it.

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