Dear Transfer Students …

Dear transfer students, welcome to the nest. I mean that. You really are welcome here. If you don’t believe me, let me tell you a few things about my experience.  I spent my entire first year of college at Loras College under the direction to do so by my mother.  I was resentful of this and later transferred out to the school I had originally planned to attend, but wound up back here.

So yeah, I get how it feels to be a transfer student.
You could say that I got lucky. I got to experience the freshman year at the school I plan to graduate from. I got to learn who my people were and who to find and where to go when I want to know more. However, I also understand that transition from the familiar to the unfamiliar.

Things weren’t the same coming back here. The buildings changed, the faculty changed, and a whole lot of people changed. My experience away shifted my perspective in ways I still don’t understand. My place had shifted and I didn’t expect

These first few weeks are going to be rough. I can sugar coat it however the admissions department would like me to, but that’s simply not it. Transferring is hard. Finding your place is harder. Cliques are already formed and the organizations lobbied their new members in the fall.  Trust me though, the wariness is okay. The resilience will build, and you’ll understand why people feel the way they do about this community.

Finally, I need to tell you that you’re here for a reason. I can’t tell you what that reason is or that you’ll fall in love with it, but I can guarantee that being a member of the Loras community will change you. The experiences you’ll come across will establish your values and will lead you in whatever direction you need to go. You are not forgotten.

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