Dagger: Part IV

Sarwan Moghamis (TheLorian)

I’m sure you have heard more than enough from my daughter. Now it’s time to hear my side.

I have been known as Dimitri the Devil, Demon Lord, et cetera. Currently, I am Governor Dimitri Simmons of this corrupt city in this corrupt state of this corrupt planet. From having red skin, dark blue veins, horns on my forehead, flaring nostrils, and smoke leaking from every pour on my body; presently, I’m a pink-skinned man in a suit and tie.

Instead of a flaming staff, I now carry a pen and sign documents to “help” move things along in this awful society.

Darkness takes new forms over time. There was literal darkness formed by the Creator of Darkness himself. Some monsters sought to destroy all existence such as Kronos, Morrigan, and many more. Now there are civilizations with their own sets of social norms.

This so-called civilization is the purest darkness I have ever witnessed. Men, women, and children are killed every day by their own kind. Governments seek control over their people. Puppets that blindly follow political parties who are just as corrupt as the very demons I resurrected from Hell. Law and order, peace and justice, all have lost their meaning. These beings create their own understanding of what is just.

“In all my existence, I have never seen so much hatred,” I say to Dagger.

“What are we going to do?” she asked.

If I have learned anything, it’s that my daughter has a weakness… emotion. I tried my best to remove that weakness, but it’s still there.

“We will save this world,” I claim.

“Is it really worth saving?”

There’s her recklessness speaking again.

“I am a god, child. It is my responsibility to rescue the weak. We will tear their “precious” world apart and reveal the darkness. When that’s done, they’ll be so grateful and embrace the new world with open arms.”

“How will it be done?”

“It’s already started. This planet has a core. Using my political authority, I have ordered people to start drilling through it now. It’ll take time, but I assure you that the job will be done.”

“And my mission?”

Still so obedient. I open my desk drawers and pull out a black bag. I hand her the bag. She opens it and pulls out the two blades that gave her the very name Dagger. Seeing her eyes shine after picking up those blades brings a slight sense of warmth to me.

“Tell these people who you are,” I say with admiration.

She goes off to do her mission. As for me, I will see how things are going down below. I transport myself to where we have starting mining towards the core. It is beautiful, truly it is. This core could destroy everything, yet it could also rebuild. I can’t wait… “AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!”

Suddenly I’m falling in the hole I have built! “Dagger, you traitor!”

“Sorry Father, but destroying the world is so… overdone. To command it: that’s my mission… Today Dagger dies as well, but the Demon Sorcerer has risen.”

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