Dagger part III

Sarwan Moghamis (TheLorian)

I’ve never been to such a strange land. I see men out of armor and women out of corsets, showing their knees without a care in the world. Drunken young adults are walking the streets, acting as if they were royalty. Men and women in uniforms with weapons who call themselves “police.” There are strange magic mirrors with elder men and scaly women telling uncivilized beings what they can and cannot do.

Royalty has taken a new form and I find it disgusting. Even worse, I find myself wearing the most outrageous clothing. A two-piece dress, with the lower half down to my knees and the top half up to my chest. My arms and legs are not covered, nor are my feet as they are in ripped shoes with plastic straps. My hair, my beautiful hair, is now messy and short.

A metal object on my shirt reads “DIANA.” I close my eyes and open them. Suddenly I’m in this disgusting cave-like fortress. Lights are flashing. Loud sounds vibrate from boxed machines. I see other women dressed similar to me, but with different words on their metal objects. I see myself holding a round plate with glasses filled with drinks.

I’m surrounded by men with smoking sticks in their mouths. Their wardrobes consist of black layers and thin pieces of rope tied around their necks. I watch as they lay their gorilla hands on the bottoms of the women. I can’t imagine what I’d do if a man treated me with such disgust…

“UNHAND ME!!!!” I shout once feeling a tug on my very own bottom. I strike the man down with my arm.

He falls to the side, but he smiles. He releases toxic laughter as if I was being playful. I have never been so disgusted in my entire life.

I close my eyes and then open them again. I find myself outside under the dark and rainy sky. I’m drowned by the rain, which is okay, given my hatred towards these garments. I hear thunder and spot lightening. These are the surroundings I’m familiar with.

“What did I tell you?”

Now I find myself in a shiny room. There’s a large wooden dresser-like object with small items on top and drawers. A piece of metal on the box reads “Governor Dimitri Simmons.” I look up and a tall man with white skin clad in a similar wardrobe as those beasts from my previous setting stands behind the dresser-like object.

“What do you think, Daughter?” says the white-skinned man.

“Where have you taken me?” I asked.

“Never mind where. The real question is: now that you are here, what are you going to do?”

A large glass window shows the horrors of this land. I look out it and close my eyes.

“I will burn it all,” I confess.

“Then perhaps it’s time to reveal my plans,” says Dimitri with an evil grin.

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