Dagger: Part 2

Sarwan Moghamis (TheLorian)

The Demon Realm is dark, not metaphorically, literally. The grey fog blocks everything. I constantly step on rust-covered bones of all sorts of living organisms ranging from the spine of a human to the skull of a tiger. No light, no food, and filthy water to drink and bathe in. We are unaware of how deep underground we are or of the year. I am the only human here; the rest are…demons. We all have one thing in common: banishment from those who believe they are superior to us. It’s a fitting prison for us “monsters.”

I’ve grown used to my new accommodations. This realm is designed to keep us alive and suffering. I am not the victim of suffering, I’m the cause of it. So, I endure the atmosphere and make it my home.

Things were finally feeling… right. Then he returned.


              “Why so formal, daughter?” He says with a disgusting grin.

              “I am not your daughter,” I remind him.

              “Aren’t you even curious how I’m still standing?”

              “Not necessarily.”

              “Ah, you’ve changed. I’m proud. You’ve become the fearless warrior I always hoped for. Which is precisely why I made you believe you had killed me.”

              I walk away. I have no further interest in listening to this beast.

              “How soon you forget that I can hear everything you think my dear.”

              Then hear me say this… go fu… I… I… can’t… breathe…

              “My poor diluted daughter, I am pure darkness. You really think you can speak to me that way without any consequences?”

              Huh, I can breathe again.

              “That is because our journey has not yet concluded. When I let you go before, I had hoped you’d become the perfect killer. It seems I did my job too well. You’ve built quite a name for yourself, Demon Sorcerer.”

              “All I ever did was remind humanity that darkness will consume us the longer we pretend to live in fantasy.”

              “You are your father’s daughter,” he says again with conviction. “I think it’s a handsome grin, in my opinion.” Oh yeah, he can hear me.

              “What do you want? I became your soldier, I became a new symbol of darkness, and where did that lead? I’m here, trapped for eternity.”

              “Oh, my Dagger, where do you think I was all this time?”


              “Hell is nothing more than a dream realm that humans crafted to scare people into doing good. No, I was in another world very different than this.”

              Now I’m interested. “You expect me to believe that?”

              “The universe is built up of many realms, realities, and timelines. I found one world that truly spoke to me… Earth.”

              What an ugly name. “Prove it, take me to this world.”

              With one wave of his arm, I wake up in an odd place. I look out a glass mirror and see tall towers, castles I presume. There are large glowing letters that read “C H I C A G O.”

To be continued…

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