College Cooking: Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese

We have been at Loras for about a month, which means we have tasted (or at least seen) most of the food options offered in the Caf. While Chicken Nugget Monday and Taco Tuesday are always a good meal to depend on, sometimes we need a change. This calls for some creativity.

Last year, my friends and I came up with some creative alternatives to the everyday options in the Caf. One of our favorites is waffle-iron grilled cheese sandwiches. While the panini press at the deli bar works well enough, food tastes even better when it looks fun. So here are the tips and tricks to making a waffle-iron grilled cheese sandwich.

1) Choose your favorite from the selection of breads and grab two slices. This could even be a wrap if you are feeling extra adventurous.

2) Choose your assortment of cheese and add to both slices of the bread. As a cheese lover myself, the more variety the better.
3) Add any other special ingredients you may desire. I love to add spinach and tomato for Mediterranean-style grilled cheese.

4) Place the sandwich in the waffle iron.

5) After about a minute, take the iron-pressed sandwich and enjoy.*
This is not the only thing you can use the waffle iron for. Start thinking and get creative about other waffle iron inspired creations.

So the next time you have circled the Caf three times without deciding on what to eat, make a waffle-iron grilled cheese sandwich and let your food creativity flow.

*NOTE: For the convenience of the Caf staff, please make sure to clean the waffle iron of any melted cheese that oozed out from the waffle-made holes. Thank you in advance from a Campus Dining worker.

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