College Cooking: 3-2-1 Cake in a Mug

As college students, we are always looking for ways to make life easier. Often we look for quick and creative ways to spice up our food options. Luckily, many people have done the grunt work of discovering these many food hacks we live by. About halfway through my first year at Loras, my aunt discovered a microwave-friendly recipe for cake in a mug. This recipe was my favorite two-minute desert last year. Whenever there was a reason for celebration or I was overly stressed, cake in a mug was only two minutes away.

So what do you need for this recipe? It is as simple as 3-2-1.
The three ingredients are:
1)      One box of angel food cake mix
2)      One box of your choice of a box cake mix
3)      Water
Before you make the recipe, add the two box mixes in a plastic bag or container. When you are ready, add:
3 tablespoons of the combined mix in a mug
2 tablespoons of water
1 minute in the microwave
See, 3-2-1.

To add variety, try adding whipped cream, frosting, or fruit.
So the next time you are craving a late night or stress relieving treat, just stock up on this easy snack. Besides, stressed is desserts spelled backwards.

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