You’ve seen Pixar, but you’ve never seen Pixar like this. “Coco” is unlike previous films done by Pixar as it dives into Mexican culture with vibrant, colorful visuals, a comedic side and an emotional touch.

Lee Unkrich, the director, originally pitched the idea for the film in 2010. Unkrich and his Pixar team went on several trips to help define the characters and gain as much knowledge on the Mexican culture and especially the Dia de los Muertos holiday that the film would use for inspiration. He wanted to focus completely on Mexico and its people. The voice cast mainly consisted of Latino heritage.

“Because … at the end of the day, we want the audience to come away feeling something,” said Unkrich in a NPR interview with Peter Sagal.

“Coco” had its world premiere at the Morelia Int’l Film Festival on Oct. 20, to coincide with the upcoming Day of the Dead festivities.

“It’s a celebration of the family, of Mexico’s culture, of its music,” Dave Hollis, The Walt Disney Studios president said. “It just felt like the right thing to do.”

Since its airing in the United States, it has dominated the box office with it currently being the number one movie in the country. “Coco” has snagged a $280 million global gross.

The plot of the movie revolves around young Miguel’s love for music and wanting to be like his idol, Ernesto De La Cruz, but he is battling a family ban on anything that resembles music. This leads him into a colorful and magical Land of the Dead. There he meets a charming trickster named Hector. The two then go off on a journey together through the Land of the Dead and finds the real story of Miguel’s family history.

If you see the movie before Dec. 8, you get the added bonus of viewing a 21 minute Frozen short, “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.” For someone who’s never seen “Frozen,” it was a fun, creative, holiday piece to enjoy at no added expense. Sadly, after complaints about it taking too long to get to the actual movie, Disney has decided to end the viewing of the short on all upcoming “Coco” viewings. This was already a popular movie, and by doing this it will allow movie theaters to offer more viewing of the film.

I saw this movie over Thanksgiving Break with my family. I was with a group that ranged from three years old to 54 years old. All eyes tuned in and watched without a complaint of not liking the film. That says a lot because you know how people can be. As it’s only been in theaters a short time, this is a perfect thing to go and see over this upcoming break whether it is with your sibling, parents, nephews/nieces or even a significant other.

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