Christmas in El Dorado, Part 2

Sarwan Moghamis (TheLorian)

The first step to giving my sister a good Christmas is planning with the fiancé. Oh my Gods, the guy is so weird. He actually irons his underwear and socks. If that’s not weird, then I must not know what weird is.

As I mentioned, my sister and I are part werewolf. Her fiancé, on the other hand, is fully human. He’s apparently the grandson of Red Beard. I don’t know much about Red Beard, but from my understanding he’s loaded, not to mention he had a lot of lady friends. If this party is going to be perfect, we need him and his multi-million-dollar net worth.

Okay, time to speak to the fiancé. I haven’t exactly planned out what I wanted to say, but I’m tempted to explain how werewolves are superior than humans or whatever he is. No, I’m going to be a perfectly mature adult about this.

“Yo, Eug,” I say.

“Umm… Eugene,” he says with that very nauseating voice. As if I actually care what is real stupid name is. I tell you, men are stupid.

I explain to him what we should do for my sister. Of course, he was on board, he just wants to be kiss up to me.

I say we just buy a really big and expensive gift. He wants to throw a small party that would include family and very close friends. My sister and I don’t talk to our mother and we both have different fathers who are no longer in our lives. My sister has another half-brother, but they don’t exactly get along. He doesn’t have my charm or sense of humor.

As for friends, I’ll invite my sponsor. She loves me. We might need to invite my sister’s friend, Roni, the troll. She’s pretty cool, someone I could definitely party with. Ooh, Lynus is cool too. He’s the fiancé’s brother, but I actually like him.

So, it’s Christmas Eve and the party is about to start. My sponsor, Margo, shows up with gunky pudding. Roni is here too, in a bad, yet humorous mood. Lynus, my man, is here with the drinks.

The fiancé wants to surprise my sister. It’s not a surprise party or a birthday, but whatever. Is there something I forgot? Ooh, perhaps it’s time to bring in Red Beard.

The fiancé’s grandfather Red Beard shows up to the party. I’m excited because, you know, he’s loaded. The fiancé, on the other hand does not look so happy.

To be continued.

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