Check Out ‘A Christmas Carol’

It’s a pretty safe bet that you’ve heard of Charles Dickens’ famous short story, “A Christmas Carol”and even know the basics of the plot with the three spirits. Perhaps you read it because it was assigned in a class at some point in your life, or maybe you saw a movie adaptation. All of this is well and good, but there’s nothing like going back to the source and taking another look at it as the Christmas season rolls closer. Dickens’ charming writing style and immersive characters are something that are experiences in themselves and no adaptation can completely replicate them. Additionally, it’s a nice piece of what we might call Christmas history. This is where the celebration of Christmas began to rise in popularity and significance in people’s minds from where it had previously been considered a minor holiday. The morals of the story also had a large impact on many people and helped influence legal reforms dealing with poverty. No one sits down to read “A Christmas Carol”and walks away in the same frame of mind. We all need reminders of the importance of charity and the spirit of giving during Christmas, especially as an antidote to the over-commercialization and secularization we currently face in our culture. This Christmas, pick up a copy of “A Christmas Carol”, and allow it to help rekindle something deep inside.

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Daniel Charland is a staff writer for The Lorian.

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