Brotherly Love: A Christmas Story

The North Pole is as cheerful as ever. Elves singing while working together. Reindeer taking a cheerful run. On the top of the village was a home, made of bricks and a roof covered with snow. It is the home of Santa Clause and his loving wife Mrs. Clause.

Santa and Mrs. Clause sit in their office patiently. Father Time enters with his long, white beard dragging against the ground. Father Time is Santa’s employer. He only had one thing to say to the jolly father of Christmas: “Your fired.”

Santa sits speechless, as does Mrs. Clause. Father Time explains how they’re looking for a newer, younger, and fit Santa. Santa and Mrs. Clause are forced to leave. They say goodbye to the elves and reindeer and exit the North Pole.

Seven months later: it is November, Santa and Mrs. Clause move to Chicago. They live in a townhouse near the suburbs. Santa learns to drive a large, white Honda. Mrs. Clause opens up her own bakery. As she competes with Panera Bread, not much money was being made. The title of their shop being “Ho-Ho-Ho”, brought concerns to families. Santa was forced to attend job interviews.

His resume reads: Good at checking lists, good at checking lists a second time, good with delivering gifts only on a flying sleigh, and watches kids while their sleeping. Obviously, he receives no call back.

Santa receives a call from his parents, inviting him and Mrs. Clause to Florida for the holidays. Santa remembers the poor relationship he shares with his fraternal twin brother, August. He gives his parents an earful of excuses to why they can’t come. Santa is convinced after his parents explain how August will be on a business trip and will not be joining them this year.

They are dropped off at the airport by an Uber driver. Santa pays with candy canes. The driver gives him the middle finger and drives off. They put their bags through security, but the buzzer goes off. Santa’s bag was filled with cookies, jars of milk, and a very sharp razor for trimming his shiny, white beard.

They take their seats on an American Airlines plane. They sit in their seats for three hours, due to the plane having technical difficulties. There is a little boy sitting behind Santa, kicking his chair. Santa angrily turns around and threatens to put the boy on the naughty list. The mother of the boy smacks Santa with her handbag. The pilot goes on the intercom and tells the passengers that the flight has been canceled. Santa and Mrs. Clause go through the same process the next morning at 5 am. This time, their flight had a five-hour delay.

They finally land in Jacksonville Florida. Santa’s parents wait for them at the gate. His mother runs up and gives them a tight hug. His dad drives them to their house in Neptune Beach. Santa and Mrs. Clause get settled in the guest room, while his parents prepare supper. His mother makes all his favorite foods: spaghetti with chocolate sauce, candy corn soup, and oysters with gummy worm filling.

As they enjoy their meal, they join in the conversation and share laughs with one another. They hear a knock on the front door. Santa’s mom answers it. Entering the house, wearing a navy blue business suit, standing with his wife and two kids, is August.

To be continued…..

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