Brotherly Love: A Christmas Story-Part 3

It is Christmas Eve. Christmas is only 24 hours away. It is an amazing feeling, one that excites the whole family. Parents love the sight of their children getting along and having a joyful Christmas celebration. In this story, all the parents want is for their sons to stop trying to kill one another. Santa Clause and his fraternal twin brother, August Clause, have been at each other’s throats shortly after arriving to Florida.

Santa sat on August, refusing to get off unless he handed Santa $20. August drove over Santa’s foot with his BMW. Santa switched August’s lactose free milk with expired dairy milk. August waxed half of Santa’s glowing white bread while he was sleeping. The family had enough, forcing them to call in a family therapist. The therapist begins asking the disgruntled brothers what the root cause of what their issues were. The two hold back and refuse to speak to each other. August admits he has done nothing wrong. Santa prepares to smack him, but Mrs. Clause stops him. Santa admits to everyone that he was fired from the North Pole. August, not knowing, turns to Santa in shock. Not another word is spoken. Santa, in sadness, exits the house. Savanah gives August the look of guilt. Santa walks to the nearest mall. He wonders around, giving the fake Santa’s a look of shame. August spots him and walks over. Santa quickly walks away, heading to the men’s bathroom. August follows and tries talking, but Santa pushes him away. As he angrily grabs the door handle, it breaks off, forcing the two to be trapped. They notice a man using one of the stalls, suffering a bowel movement. The brothers exchange looks of concern and disgust.

After endless hours of banging their fists on the door, yelling for assistance, they remain trapped in the bathroom. The man continues to release his horrific descendants, preaching to the Lord for forgiveness for whatever sin he committed to deserve this misery. Santa and August hold their breaths due to the unbearable scent that clouds their atmosphere. August tries communicating with Santa, but Santa ignores his existence. As two hours pass by, Santa finally agrees to speak. August sympathizes with him losing his job, then admits that his meeting was never canceled, he was fired from his job as well. The brothers finally share a bond as they remain trapped in the toxic fumes. They come up with an agreement that can help both of them. Once someone finally got them out the bathroom, they head back to the house.

Christmas Day finally arrives, Lucy and Luna Clause run down the stairs to open their presents. Santa’s parent’s, Mrs. Clause, and Savanah watch with joy. Santa and August left the house early in the morning. The brothers went to the North Pole. They meet with Father Time. Santa only had one word for his old employer: “Your fired.” Father Time holds a look of confusion. August used the last of his paychecks to buy the North Pole. Now that he owns the land, he gives Santa his job back. New Year’s Day: The North Pole is more cheerful than ever. On the top of the village remains Santa and Mrs. Clause’s home. Next door was another home, also made of bricks and the roof covered with snow, belonging to August and Savanah. All the elves welcome them. The reindeer play with Lucy and Luna. Santa’s parents prepare a great feast. The brothers finally unite, creating an everlasting bond.

The End

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