Book Review: ‘The Slight Edge’

As college students, we are at the crucial time of our life when we begin learning how to deal with more responsibility and start forming habits that determine whether or not we become successful. “The Slight Edge” is a book that explains what makes a person successful, what author Jeff Olson calls “the slight edge.” It is perfect for college students and recent college graduates because it is full of examples of people using the slight edge to get ahead in life and become successful. Jeff Olson shares how he applied the slight edge to his own life to create several multimillion dollar sales and marketing organizations.

What is great about “The Slight Edge” is that it’s bursting with small pieces of advice that, when used consistently overtime, actually bring success. Of course, I have little experience in the matter, but the stories told seem to be proof enough. The downside to this book is that only the first few chapters seem to be relevant. They consist of telling people that continuous hard work, even after goals are achieved, is what makes people successful. After chapter four or five, the message becomes redundant. However, it is still a great read with a message that, in my opinion, is one that is useful to every college student.

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