Bite-Sized Book Review: ‘Dracula’

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought the classic story “Dracula” would be a good fit for this week’s issue. Dracula is the most well-known monster in the world, and after reading his origin story, it’s not hard to see why. This story was a page-turner from beginning to end. It isn’t written in traditional prose, but rather letters and diary entries, a relief from the traditional format. Since the book was published in 1897, the language is different from what we’re used to, but still easy to understand. We learn why Dracula is so frightening, and Stoker does a wonderful job at keeping the suspense alive throughout the story. We get different points of view, which thankfully doesn’t detract from the story. These different POVs allow the reader to fully understand what is going on rather than creating confusion, which sometimes happens. These alternate viewpoints also intensify the terror. While the classics may be viewed as only meant for intellectuals, this one does not fit that stereotype. So, if you are looking for some post-Halloween thrills or are already looking for something to scare you for next year, look no further than Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.”

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