Behind the Scenes at Loras: Spotlight on Rose Bakey


Tucked away in the business office, this is where you will find Rose Bakey. This woman deals with a lot of numbers, but the faculty, students, and staff she works with are more than just numbers to her.

Helping students is a passion of hers!

Rennie Root – Associate VP, Finance at Loras College

She won’t be the first smiling face you see in Keane Hall, but I can guarantee that every single employee on this campus, whether they are a student worker or full-time, has benefitted from her expertise.

Rose is a payroll analyst, but that hardly describes what she does; she does so much more. She is the one who makes sure everyone here gets paid, she helps students find jobs, and she answers every question they might have.

“That’s one of my biggest things. If a student needs help, I’m always here! The door’s always open!” Bakey said.

Now, of course with the pandemic a lot of things have changed. So while the door is still figuratively open to students, the physical door to the business office is locked.

But whether it’s on the phone, email or over zoom, leave it to Rose to go the extra mile to help any student worker. She is even willing to come outside the door for some socially distant advice.

“I’m perfectly happy showing any student how to go through the W-4 paperwork or helping them find a position on campus: one that they would be happy to go to each time they work. Hopefully we will get back to that one on one interaction soon,” Bakey said.

Rose is just one of the many people who strive to make campus feel like home for students and you know without her even saying that she wants the best for everyone here.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the students. We definitely want to make sure they feel, comfortable, safe, and happy at Loras College!”

Rose Bakey – Payroll Analyst at Loras College

Rose brings so much joy to this campus and she wants students and faculty to know that she is willing to answer any question they may have.

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