Behind the Scenes at Loras: Spotlight on Jordan Albertsen


The Alumni Campus Center is definitely the “Hub” of the Loras Campus, but at 5 AM it is pretty quiet and will be for another few hours.

Even though most students are probably sound asleep at this time, this is when Jordan Albertsen and the rest of the custodial crew are doing a lot of their work.

“Jordan seems like he gets along with everybody that he’s with, he’s a calm man, and he works hard. Anytime I need supplies and if there’s a maintenance problem, he’s quick to help me out!”

Bart Blean – Loras College Custodian

Jordan starts his mornings by checking up on emails and making sure he knows what needs to get done during the day. He then starts on his other daily duties.

Jordan’s primary role is to supervise the other members of the custodial staff and to maintain the set up and tear down of the ballroom, but if you followed him around for even an hour, you’d really start to see all of the little things that he does to make these buildings look their best.

Some of these jobs might include routine maintenance, like changing a clock in a Wahlert classroom, watering plants in Smyth hall, shoveling after a heavy snowfall, cleaning, disinfecting surfaces, and SO much more. And with the coronavirus, new things have been added to the list.

Jordan Albertsen disinfects a meeting room in the Alumni Campus Center

As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic has made life a little bit slower on campus. Less in-person gathering means less events to set up in the ballroom, but it for Jordan, it also means more routine cleaning.

“In a way,  it’s been tougher cause we were, I mean, we always focused on providing young people, very clean, safe campus environment, but now we’re sanitizing everything four or five times a day. You know, everything that can be done is being done,” Albertsen said.

You might not notice Jordan or the other members of the custodial staff very often, but that just means they are doing their job.

But this poses the question: How often are we actually taking the time to notice and appreciate when our facilities are clean and running smoothly?

“We don’t do it to be recognized, but we take pride in our work and pride in this school and everything that it stands for,” Albertsen said.

Hopefully this series has helped you to appreciate some of the people who work behind the scenes at Loras! Keep an eye out for more upcoming spotlights!

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