Behind the Scenes at Loras: Spotlight on Connie Pickel


This past year has really brought to our attention the importance of essential workers. As students, we might not always realize just how many people go into making the Loras community such a great place to live, TRAIN and go to school. In our own way, we want to say thank you to our essential workers on campus to let them know they are valued and appreciated. Take a look at our first Behind the Scenes at Loras feature.

Every morning, Loras students and faculty pack into Einstein’s to get their morning coffee and maybe a quick bite to eat. I’m sure the front of the counter is very familiar to most students, but few get to come behind the counter.

If they did, they would get the chance to meet the wonderful Connie Pickel.

“I love talking to Connie because she always cares about how you’re doing and she always calls you dear which I find really fun”

Noelle Javurek – Einstein Student Worker

Connie might be too humble to tell you this, but without her, Einstein’s probably wouldn’t run. Her morning starts early; she gets up between 5 and 5:15.

And then, once she’s here, she gets right to work. We might not often think about it, but it takes a lot to prepare a coffee shop for the day.

First Connie has to bake and prepare all of the food for the day, fill the beverage coolers/displays, take inventory, fill out paper work, make sure all of the ingredients are ready for making drinks, and the list just keeps going. I had no idea how much work has to be done before the day even begins.

But once they open, Connie is off to the races, taking students’ orders, and making their drinks. Greeting each student with a smile, she gives them the coffee, but most importantly the joy to get through a long day of class.

This semester, covid has provided some challenges, and with less student employees, it can get pretty hectic around the coffee and bagels shop.

“I think most kids are pretty patient about it, but we don’t have a lot of help, so it is hard to keep up with it sometimes when we do get hit, when we get really busy,” Pickel said.

I had so much fun getting to go behind the scenes at Einstein’s and getting to know such a hardworking lady! So, Duhawks next time you’re in Einstein’s make sure to say hello to Connie Pickel!

I can’t wait to show you more people who work Behind the Scenes at Loras, so look out for them in the upcoming shows!

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