Beauty and the Pirate Part 2

Sarwan Moghamis (TheLorian)

A demon finds Red Beard, Miranda, Smitty, and Marie. Red Beard pulls out his sword, but the demon insists that he is not a threat. The demon’s name is Don. Don claims that he’s the only demon with a heart who was banished by Gretchen, the original Demon Sorcerer. He warns that Cinderella has become the new Demon Sorcerer.

At the same time as Don’s arrival, Red Beard spots the Silver Dragon sailing their way. Miranda wants to return to the kingdom and stop Cinderella. Red Beard wants to forget the whole thing and continue freely sailing the seas.

The two argue but stand by their positions at the end. Miranda goes with Don back to the kingdom while Red Beard returns to his ship with Smitty and Marie.

Once arriving at the kingdom, Miranda and Don are stopped by four demons. Miranda is taken to Cinderella while Don runs away. Cinderella offers Miranda a deal; Miranda must agree to drink poison wine or Cinderella will kill Red Beard. The wine wouldn’t kill Miranda; it would curse her with immortality.

Miranda agrees to the deal and drinks the wine. After drinking it, she is locked away in the dungeon. What Cinderella had not mentioned was that if Miranda’s true love kisses her, the curse would be transferred to him.

Don catches up to Red Beard’s ship. He tells him what Cinderella has done. Red Beard doesn’t even take a second to consider his options. He tells Marie that his first wish is to immediately return to the kingdom. He gives his ship to Smitty, and then he, Marie, and Don are all transported to the kingdom in seconds.

On their arrival, Red Beard rushes to the dungeon while Marie and Don fight off the demons. Red Beard kicks down the dungeon bars and rushes to Miranda. Miranda’s skin is pale and her eyes are dark. Her face is serious and shows no sense of emotion.

Red Beard bends over and touches his lips against hers. Her skin and eyes immediately return to their natural colors. She looks at Red Beard with joy. The two share another passionate kiss.  

The duo rushes out of the dungeon to face Cinderella. Cinderella, using the power of the enchanted rose, turns her staff into a sword made of incredibly strong metal and flames that rise from the tip. Red Beard and Miranda pull out their swords as well. Their blades sling against Cinderella’s. The slinging of swords goes back and forth.

The duo finally gains enough strength to force Cinderella’s sword out of her hand. They then force their swords through Cinderella’s stomach, killing her at long last. Miranda takes the staff and sends all the demons back underground.

Once again, the kingdom is safe and back to normal. Miranda is made queen again and marries Red Beard. Marie and Don become their new advisors.

Red Beard and Miranda, filled with so much joy and love, live happily ever af…

“SIMULATION TERMINATED,” says a robotic voice.

Red Beard wakes up on a bed under a monitor. It is 2019. Red Beard, dressed in a suit with a prosthetic hand replacing his hook and the curse of immortality inside him, sits up with teary eyes. With his fortune, he created the simulation to be with Miranda again.

Fairy tales are fiction; reality is the real Demon Sorcerer for Red Beard.

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