‘Beauty and the Beast’

A remake of the animated Disney classic hit theaters this past weekend, and I can say with complete confidence that it was fantastic. Personally, I actually think it was much better than the original animation. The music was brilliant. Alan Menken wrote a few new songs including “Evermore,” which is sung brilliantly by Dan Stevens (Beast), and “How Does a Moment Last Forever,” sung by Belle’s father, played by Kevin Kline. Emma Watson plays a wonderful Belle, keeping to the original while also making her character unique. She makes her character a more active heroine, attempting more than once to escape the Beast’s castle and wearing bloomers underneath her dress to allow her to run and ride horses with ease. The scenes were filled with color and despite the lack of professional singers in the cast, the songs were performed beautifully. The one negative I’ve heard about the movie is that it keeps too much to the Disney version. I, however, think that the similarities were what made the movie as good as it was.

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Lizzy Hoff is the Assistant Features Editor for The Lorian.

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