Batman Returns in Arkham Knight

The fourth and final installment of the Batman: Arkham series will debut in stores on June 2. Rocksteady Studios once again will bring its third game of this franchise to life as you play as Batman on one final mission.

That is until they reboot the BatmanĀ  video game franchise.

This series of games has brought an advancement to superhero gaming with life-like cut scenes and very intricate controls. This time Scarecrow, who has not been seen since the first game Arkham Asylum, unleashes criminals upon Gotham City for ultimate chaos. To add insult to injury for Batman and his team, a mechanical suited doppelganger of Batman called the Arkham Knight is out to be the better being and possibly to assassinate Batman. Speculation shows that this villain could be Jason Todd, a former Robin, a clone of some sort, or perhaps the Joker who has stolen the show as the main villain of every game thus far but appeared to meet his fatal demise in Arkham City. We shall see if this is a totally new character to the Batman mythos or a reinvention of a previous character — perhaps it is Alfred.

This game will allow for a much larger map to peruse in Gotham City and will be the longest storyline of any prior game in the series. The player, for the first time, will also be able to control the Batmobile which has been seen in the previous installments but has never been operational to the person controlling the game. Pre-order bonuses will allow the player to control the ever popular Harley Quinn and the Red Hood.

If you love Batman, or better yet love the Arkham series, this game is a must have. Rocksteady will release this game to PS4 and Xbox One users right in time for summer to begin.
Who is the Arkham Knight? Will Batman meet his doom? Find out on the conclusion to the popular Arkham Series, Batman: Arkham Knight.

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