“Bad Moms”

Pros: “Bad Moms” was a great example of what parenting can really be like. Like everyone else, mothers have enormous pressure to be good at what they do, which can be stressful, especially for working moms. This movie perfectly portrays that pressure while remaining hilarious. The characters are relatable, even from the standpoint of a single college student. Each character was beautifully developed. Mila Kunis was great working mother with two children who goes through a breakup. Kristen Bell was wonderful as a shy, stay-at-home mom. Kathryn Hahn brilliantly played the never-around mother. Each character individually displays the different pressures put on parents. The jokes were refreshing while the plot was original. I left the theatre happier than when I entered it.

Cons: While the film “Bad Moms” had some funny moments, it can leave you feeling unsatisfied with its content. The humor can be categorized as vulgar and going a bit too far at times. While the movie celebrates life as a “bad mom,” that is not something we should essentially be cheering for based on some of the choices the characters makes. The characters are borderline boring, and stuck in the stereotypical roles females are perceived as. The movie was a bit unrealistic (PTA meetings are apparently a must) and disappointing (a lot of the focus was actually on the PTA). Despite the writers’ intentions of making a funny movie, the typical life of motherhood in this film is hectic and based solely on routine. I hope I don’t have this to look forward to as my future parenthood.

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