An Album to Light Up Your Life

Shawn Mendes is known by his famous songs on the radio: “Stitches” and “Treat You Better.” He can be cast aside as the kid whose songs sound too much like pop, but Mendes deserves a lot more credit than that. The genre “pop” stands for “popular music,” so being categorized under the popular genre is not necessarily a bad thing. Mendes has a sweet voice and strong vocal range that shows in his second studio album “Illuminate.” At the ripe age of 18, he proves that talent comes from a raw, powerful voice and songwriting collaborations. The songs “Mercy” and “Bad Reputation” hit you with a punch. They are two of the few songs on the album that are not as slow as the others. If you’re not a fan of singer/songwriters, then this album might not be for you, but Mendes’ voice shines through that you might just have to give him a chance. The song “No Promises” showcases his vocal range clearly and the background vocals compliment Mendes’ voice nicely. While some people will continue to just blast “Treat You Better” out of their car windows, “Illuminate” has a lot much more to offer than just one catchy tune.

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