Album Review: ‘Care for Me’

by: Xavier Sanchez

By now most know it, but it should be said even more. The Chicago music scene is one of the most noticeable in all of music over the best years. Their artists have stories to tell and have found music as their avenue to share it to the world. Their work covers all genres too, from gospel to rap. The most recent artist to drop an album is Saba. On April 5, Saba dropped “Care For Me” which is available across all major music platforms.

The album deals with heavy material. He covers death and depression, obsession with social media, and life. Last year, Saba’s cousin Walter Long Jr. was stabbed to death after an altercation on the city train. He attempted to get away but the killer followed him to make sure he did not survive. This hurt Saba and several members of the Pivot gang. Pivot Gang is a group of independent rappers which Long Jr. created years back. During his life, he rapped under the name, dinnerwithjohn. Through Saba’s music and everyday interactions you knew how much Long Jr. meant to him. This album is dedicated to him.

The world was introduced to this upcoming Saba album when he released “Busy/Sirens.” Originally, it was two separate parts that they decided to join together later in the process. He opens by saying “I’m so alone,” which demonstrates how he felt after the death of his cousin.

He concludes with “Heaven All Around Me.” The song touches a religious side of Saba and is believed to connect to the lyrics “Sirens on the way, ayy Now you’re lying where the angels lay (yeah)” that appear in his first track and with his final track. Despite the struggles he went through after his loss, Saba believes Long Jr. is up in Heaven and no matter where he goes, he’s not alone because Long Jr. will always be beside him.

“Care For Me” has only 10 tracks and a runtime of 41 minutes which is shorter than his previous album, “Bucket List Project.” Saba teamed with DaedaePivot and Daoud to produce the tracks. He also is joined by some friends on the tracks; Chance The Rapper (“Logout”), Kaina (“Fighter”) and theMIND (“Busy/Sirens”) appear on the album.

Album should be listened to from start to finish so make sure you follow that rule when listening. My picks are “Smile,” “Logout” and “Heaven All Around Me.” As of right now, he has one music video out from this album. Check out the “Life” video on YouTube as well.

If you enjoy his album, catch him on his “Care For Me” tour. Saba is joined by Joseph Chilliams, Jean Deaux and other special guests over the next couple months on his USA/Canada tour.

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