A Day in the life of a Student Ambassador

Exploring new places, like visiting colleges, can be exciting and scary, but nothing beats feeling welcomed in a new environment. Almost every day, we have some of our best students on campus, student ambassadors, leading and guiding tour groups around our beautiful campus. Student ambassadors have to be quick on their toes, know information about who they are leading on a tour, and always friendly and conscientious to anyone they interact with. They are the faces of our campus to alumni, prospective students, and many others.  Student ambassadors should be dedicated to the admissions program with deep passion for helping Loras College keep its tight-knit community.

This week, one of our student ambassadors, Taylor Rausch, is in the spotlight as a student ambassador. Taylor Rausch is a first-year elementary education major with an endorsement in mathematics and reading. She is very active on campus and can be seen participating in many different activities and clubs such as Loras College’s cheer team. Rausch has been an active student ambassador since October of 2017 and has lead and helped out with over 20 campus tours.

To start out a busy day in admissions, Taylor arrives 15-20 minutes before a tour is scheduled to start and meets with the other tour guides and members of the admissions office to discuss what route she will take with her prospective students. When the family arrives, Taylor Rausch will greet them and lead them to the opening part of the tour: the financial meeting. Once that meeting is over, Rausch and other student ambassadors meet up with the prospective students and they are all go off on the tour. According to Rausch, “a tour can last anywhere from 45 minutes- 1 hour.” Sometimes the tours run longer due to questions prospective students have and meetings they have after the tour. After the families leave, the student ambassadors are required to report back to admissions representatives and relay information about how to tour went. Within the next couple of days, all ambassadors are advised to write postcards to the prospective students visiting Loras College.

When I asked Taylor Rausch for any advice she would give to others considering this student job she said, “If you are passionate about Loras College (and love to help out around campus), this is a perfect job for you.” Although the work of a student ambassador can be tiring and overwhelming at times, Rausch wouldn’t trade it for anything. She loves working as a student ambassador and has met many people, from students to professors, and has formed “many different connections (on and off campus).” Student ambassadors are so important and essential for bringing in future Duhawks and they help uphold a bright and joyful reputation for our wonderful home, Loras College.

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Celia is a staff writer for The Lorian.

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