7 Quick Tips for a Technology Detox

I know it seems hypocritical of me suggesting ways to limit technology use as I write this article on a computer, but we could all use a break every now and then. Whether you’ve become overwhelmed by all the ways we can stay connected or you need to put technology away for a bit so you don’t procrastinate on your homework anymore, here are some quick tips to help you take a break from technology.

1. First and foremost, shut off your phone. With all our apps directly on our phone, it’s best to turn the phone off when we need to focus. If you’re worried about people wondering if you’re okay, you can always put a PSA on your social media platform of choice to let others know you won’t be connected for the time being.

2. Have a studying playlist already made. Nothing wastes more time than scouring through Spotify or Pandora to find the perfect music to help you focus. And hey, if you study better with no music at all, you’re already one step ahead!

3. Don’t have unnecessary tabs open on your computer. As much fun as those Buzzfeed quizzes are, they won’t help you get your work done. Keep open tabs limited to necessary articles.

4. Don’t fall into the email trap. There’s never a better time to reply back to emails, or sort through your clutter, until you put off being productive. Keep your email open in case you’re planning a group meeting, or need to email a professor, but don’t spend too much time there.

5. Meet an old friend for coffee. If you don’t need a technology break for studying, you can use it to become more social. Planning meetups with friends is a great way to limit technology use, because you won’t want to come across as rude and check your phone.

6. Read that book you’ve always wanted. We all have that one book we’ve been meaning to read or re-read but just haven’t “had the time.” Check out from the world of technology and immerse yourself in the book for a few hours. Extra detox points if it’s a physical book and not on a Kindle.

7. Give your hobbies some attention. Whether your hobbies are painting, baking, exercising or more, make sure to spend some time with just your hobbies. You’ll enjoy them more if you aren’t being distracted by your phone.

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