Daredevil kicks off Marvel-Netflix relationship

Marvel adds to the forte of their cinematic superhero universe with the new show Daredevil, using Netflix as a medium with which to launch new heroes to their world. As of this weekend, fans have access to thirteen episodes of the newest smash hit series, Daredevil, following blind lawyer Matt Murdock, who also happens to be a street vigilante in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, after it is pulverized by the alien battle from the Avengers.

Thus far, the show is much grittier than everything Marvel has released to this point and far overshadows the previous launch of Daredevil, the 2003 film starring Ben Affleck, who is now taking over as Batman on the DC side of comic media. Boardwalk Empire star Charlie Cox is Matt Murdock, who is on a crusade to clean up Hell’s Kitchen, where he grew up. The series will eventually lead to events later scheduled on Marvel’s film slate, and Daredevil will possibly team up with the Avengers in Infinity War in 2019. Other heroes such as Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist are set to be given the spotlight through use of the Marvel/Netflix partnership.

Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB are rating Daredevil as a masterpiece, with 9.7 and 9.5 ratings respectively. This is a much-watch not only for fans of superheroes, but also for fans of crime and legal dramas. Action-packed, thrilling and adventurous, the show’s appeal for drama geeks is ample and very unique. Flip on the laptops and televisions, turn off the lights, and watch street thugs get treated by a blind man as he goes through the journey to become a hero, and bring justice to baddies like the Kingpin and his band of criminals who are set to rebuild Hell’s Kitchen in the worst kind of way in the aftermath of the events taking place in the Avengers.

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