5 Reasons to love Ashton Kutcher

Sure there’s plenty of superficial reasons to love Ashton Kutcher, and his good looks, and acting career probably top the list, but let’s take a closer look at and find the true reasons why we love Ashton Kutcher:

1.  He’s from Iowa. First off, something all Midwesterners can appreciate – especially Iowans – is that he’s from Iowa. That’s right, he was born in Cedar Rapids, and attended the University of Iowa, which is where he was first discovered and how he got his start in the industry as a model.

2.  He comes from humble beginnings. He worked at the General Mills factory, where his dad also worked, sweeping floors while he was enrolled in college. It was a job “sweeping Cheerio dust” as he’s put it in numerous interviews.

3.  He’s a philanthropist. In 2010 he and former wife, Demi Moore, started an organization called The Demi and Ashton Foundation, which is a non-profit organization to help end child slavery in Haiti. The organization has since been renamed THORN: Digital Defends of Children, and now incorporates the help of technology to end child slavery.

4.  He’s a family man. Not only has he been busy with his new baby with wife Mila Kunias, but he doesn’t forget his parents. This past Mother’s Day, he gave his childhood home – where his mom still lives – a complete remodel in the basement. He helped build the house with his step-father when he was about thirteen, and just wanted to see it improved. He wanted the space to reflect her and her hobbies, and made a storage space dedicated for her cans of homemade salsa. Needless to say, his mother was in joyous tears by the end.

5.  His positive social media presence. Kutcher keeps up to date with technology, and was the first person on Twitter to reach 1 million followers. He has recently even started his own social media website called A Plus, which he co-founded with two other people, which strives to be a positive news platform. He noticed that the news is heavily negative, and rarely focused on the good that happens in the world. He wanted to create a site where readers can get unbiased news, and feel good about reading news stories, and hopes that it can reach everyone around the globe. Find out more at aplus.com. In a place like social media the most common thing to find is negativity, but Kutcher challenges that – and challenges us – to overcome that stigma, and try to make the world a more positive place. Even in the smallest of ways.

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