11 Ways to Multitask and Save Time for the Over-Involved Student

1. Clean your shower while you are in it. Before you clean yourself, wipe down the shower walls with that spray your mom left in your closet.

2. Waiting in line for CAB movie tickets or the Cafe to open? Organize/delete old pictures or text conversations off your phone.

3. Call your parents while walking to class—that way you only have to talk for 10 minutes, but Mom will appreciate it enough to send a care package.

4. Going to the AWC to workout before class in the morning? Sleep in your workout gear! Don’t worry—no one will notice your wrinkly clothes while you’re squatting 350.

5. Made your roommates a 5-star meal? Do the dishes while it’s is cooking. (This also works if you’re microwaving ramen; wash the bowl from last night’s meal so you can repeat the process when you’re hungry again in 2 hours)

6. Have your Tweets read to you as you’re getting ready for class—you’ll be caught up on the drama and still look decent enough for a yearbook picture.

7. Make an intramural team with your friends—hangout with friends as well as get some exercise!

8. Have a friend who is stressed about registering? Take them grocery shopping with you. It’s a chance to get them off campus, and they can vent to you while you’re making sure you have enough peanut butter to last until Mom’s next care package.

9. Fold your laundry during your favorite Netflix show or movie. When your roommate says you’re lazy, you can let them know you got your laundry done.

10. Read an assigned book/article while biking on a stationary bike—homework and health!

11. Write a Lorian article while reflecting on your week. Catharsis and recognition!

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