11 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Day

To be honest, I waste a lot of time. I do my homework and the rest of the day, I’m too tired to do anything else. Now that it’s my final year, there are a bunch of things I wish I had known, times I could have taken advantage of in order to make everyday something special.

1.  Get the boring stuff out of the way first. Homework, cleaning, studying, etc. Just get it done so you can do everything else you want to do.

2.  Explore. Go or do something new. Take a chance on hiking at Mines of Spain, or getting coffee at Monk’s. You only live in this tiny town for four years, so you might as well get to know it.

3.  Be positive. There is a lot of negativity that is thrown at us every day. So take moments of your day and try to think with positivist instead of cynicism. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Your surroundings might surprise you, if you let them.

4.  Try different foods. So maybe this goes out to you people with kitchens, but go on Pinterest. Find easy meals. Read the cooking with Jazz column. If you don’t have a kitchen, take your parents to a cool restaurant when they visit. Brazen is always a good choice.

5.  Be friendly. To others and to yourself. We deal with a lot of stress, deadlines and commitments. Being kind can be a good pick me up for anyone. Sometimes a smile, a joke, or just words of affirmation can go a long way.

6.  Give social media a break. I’m not saying all day, but maybe put your phone away for an hour and lay in Faber-Clark. The weather won’t be nice for long, so take advantage.

7.   Be active. My roommate is great at this one. In fact, I don’t think she ever sits down, but it is a good way to get the blood pumping, and as hard as it is to get to the gym, the high after is pretty stellar.

8.   Make time for family. Your parents are probably a large reason for why you are even here, so call them, FaceTime them, whatever. Make sure they know you love and appreciate them.

9.  Make time for yourself. As much as it’s nice to be surrounded by people. Taking some time to be alone with your thoughts can be soothing and cathartic. Let your mind wander freely without shutting it up with music or television.

10.   Let art be a release. You don’t have to paint or sketch, but be crafty or write stuff down. Memories, feelings, etc. It’s nice to have an outlet. Plus, you will have a perfect rewind button to certain dates and times in your life.

11.   Fill your days with a rollercoaster of emotions. I know some of us are a bit more reserved, but expressing yourself through laughter, tears, or anger can be a great way to relieve yourself or open up to other people. And when you do all three, it’s like you’ve lived a whole life in one day.
Have great days Duhawks, and accept nothing less.

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