11 Truths of Living in Rural Iowa

1. “Going to town” means driving out to the West End or anywhere there’s stoplights.

2. You find yourself guilty of a lead-foot because the police rarely set foot on a rural road.

3. And when you do see an officer, it’s a park ranger or a sheriff.

4. You have a love-hate-relationship with the snowplow. You’re thankful when it finally reaches your road; however, you know your road is the lowest of priorities.

5. Dodging potholes and roadkill are two of your many talents.

6. Having a pizza delivered is a fantasy; instead, you have to meet the delivery driver halfway.

7. You’ve learned to never be annoyed behind a tractor. Instead, you listen to Craig Morgan when he says, “just smile and wave, and tip your hat to the man up on the tractor.”

8. Everyone in a rural location stockpiles wood like it’s being discontinued.

9. It’s more common to see silos, cattle and corn than other human beings.

10. And when you do see someone, they’re likely crossing the road to get their mail.

11. Every house is guaranteed a decent driveway, so visiting someone in the city without one is infuriating.

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