11 Thoughts Students Have Before Spring Break

Loras students are eager for Easter Break.
Here are 11 thoughts students have during the last week before break.

  1. Do I really have to go to my class on Friday? It’s Spring Break Eve. It’s technically a holiday.
  2. Three papers, a presentation, and a group project are all due tomorrow? I can still watch one more episode “13 Reasons Why.”
  3. I have to unplug my fridge for break? Guess I have to eat everything.
  4. I should have done laundry a week ago. Oh well. Mom might do it.
  5. Maybe Mom and Dad will reimburse my Duhawk Dollars for all the coffee I have purchased this week.
  6. Spring cleaning the dorm room? Time to say goodbye to sweaters.
  7. Will my dog still remember me when I come home?
  8. Am I too old to get an Easter Basket this year?
  9. Do you think the Easter Bunny would be offended if I asked for cash this year?
  10. Should I bring my laptop home over break? Would I actually do homework? Nah!
  11. Is it true we only have one more month left of school? I’m not ready for finals yet?
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Ava Lalor is the Executive Copy Editor and Web Editor for The Lorian.

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