11 Things Young People Don’t Do Anymore

Today’s youth culture is vibrant and very much alive, but there are some things they don’t do anymore. Here’s a few:

1. Write Notes: Be it letters to extended family, reminders on the refrigerator, or simple “thank you” notes, this was a way of communicating that showed both commitment and care through taking the time to write. Nowadays, physically written notes have been largely abolished in favor of texting and social media.

2. Watch TV Shows When They’re Actually On: There was a time when friends would gather around the television set to watch their favorite programs together, waiting eagerly for the next installment each week. With the rise of Netflix, Hulu, and other online streaming services, this practice has been largely abandoned, with most preferring to binge-watch shows in one sweep.

3. Knock on Doors: You might think that there’s no way the age-old method of checking if someone’s home could be outmoded. However, think back to how many times a friend has instead texted you to see if you’re home before dropping by or leaving their cars. Surprise visits are becoming rare.

4. Develop Photographs: There was a time when not everyone had a camera in their pocket. Those that did have cameras needed to wait to get their film developed (or wave a Polaroid for several minutes), but eventually put their beloved photos in frames and albums. Despite the overwhelming modern access to cameras, people are more likely to just leave pictures on their devices or send them through the likes of Snapchat or Instagram, leaving many walls unadorned.

5. Read Maps / Ask for Directions: Though the latter was often put off as a last-ditch option, these were the tools of any good road trip. However, nowadays, with the advent of online mapping and GPS applications, traditional gas station maps and directional inquires have been largely left in the dust.

6. Go to Arcades: A dim room filled with bright screens and friendly beeps was once the communal meeting ground for those who wished to compete with friends for high scores in Galaga, Zaxxon, and Pole Position. It was a way of meeting people and spending a good time. However, few arcades are still in operation today, as most gamers prefer to play at home on their personal consoles.

7. Have Casual Telephone Conversations: Take away interviews, calls to mom, and complaints to certain companies, and there’s very little left of the classical conversations between friends for asking about the day and planning hijinks. Once again, text messages have taken over this role, providing quick responses rather than personal chats. Caller ID also removes the anonymity of prank calls.

8. Make Mix Tapes: In the past, when seeking to compile the ultimate killer track of one’s favorite songs, hours spent beside a radio with a steady hand on the record button were necessary. Now, cassette tapes and CDs have given way to a few taps on a screen to produce instant playlists using applications such as iTunes and Spotify.

9. Go to Drive-In Theaters: What was once a fun summer pastime is now largely unavailable due to the low number of drive-ins still in operation. The outdoor theater is now mostly a curiosity of a past age.

10. Remember Phone Numbers: Once there was a time when everyone made sure to memorize the telephone numbers of their parents and friends. Nowadays, cell phone contact lists have done away with this necessity.

11. Go Cruising: On hot summer nights, back when gas was cheap and street lights were brighter, America’s youth spent many a Friday night driving their local strip, showing off their customized wheels, blasting music, and picking up dates. Today, with higher gas prices and a stricter society, cruising has faded, as most stay indoors for the weekend.

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Brennan Pivnicka is a writer for The Lorian.

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