11 Things to Look Forward to As It Gets Colder

As we all know, the Iowan winters are blistering cold and can have some negative effects on our attitude. Seasonal Depression hits the Duhawks like a ton of bricks. Because of that, it is important to keep spirits high in any way possible. I’m a lover of winter weather, short days and long nights, so I will try to share my excitement with you.

1.    Breaks. Breaks. Breaks. Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, J-Term break. You can’t lie that breaks from homework and stress are worth any drastic weather change. Not to mention going back to your places of origin for some very free, very fresh home cooked meals.

2.    Long nights. Maybe it’s just me, but I sleep better in the winter. It could be because it gets darker or quieter, but either way it’s true. Plus, people, the stars are magnificent in the winter. The contrast of the sky to the bright stars is unreal!

3.    Two words. Hot. Beverages. I mean, c’mon. Hot chocolate, coffee, tea, whatever. Maybe you drink all the time, regardless of season, but there’s something about coming in from the strong winds and below zero weather to a mug of hot chocolate.

4.    Finals are coming around the corner, and to be honest in speaking for the majority of students, we are not ready. But, hey, when you think finals week, stop thinking about projects, exams, and essays and start thinking about the bigger event. The real holiday: Second Dinner. Truly the best time of the year. Where the nachos and calzones are endless. Even if you don’t have a meal plan, you would be crazy to miss it. God, thank you for Second Dinner.

5.    Let. It. Snow. It may be cold and wet, but when that first snowfall happens, you can’t help but admire the sparkling beauty reflecting off the moon light. That packing snow that sticks to tree branches and rooftops is something to cherish.

6.    Along with every other part of the holidays, comes holiday parties. A time to celebrate with eggnog and punch with unidentified contents. There’s music, dancing, and strange games all resulting in an unmatched amount of fun.

7.    Don’t even get me started on the wonderful world of ugly sweaters! Whether they are covered in bells, reindeer, snowmen or Santa Claus, there’s nothing to bring you a chuckle like one awfully ugly sweater.

8.    Hearing Nat King Cole voice rise over the speaker of your radio is one comforting noise. That man and many other holiday singers have a way of calming a listener. Holiday music comes once a year. You can take a break from that same EDM song you hear every time you turn on your radio and just appreciate unaltered talent.

9.   Sledding, skating, and skiing, oh my! If you aren’t a fan of winter sports, I am not so sure that you are a Midwesterner at all. Whether you fall on your fanny or not, it’s fun to be outside taking part in nature and letting your cheeks get a little rosier than usual.

10.   Don’t forget about the wonderful feeling of sitting next to the fireplace, not that we have them here at school, but if you are lucky enough to stumble upon them, the smell and feel of the fire is sure to warm you during the cold front.

11.   The cold of winter is the only hope we have that the whole Earth isn’t dying off from Global Warming. And if you don’t believe in it, take a step back and realize that it shouldn’t be 70 degrees at the beginning of November.

So take these lovely thoughts with you into the winter wonderland and stay positive. Happy Holidays you lovely Duhawks!

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