11 Things That I Always Think on My Way to the Vis

1. Why did I take an 8 a.m.? Classic freshman mistake. Oh wait, I’m a sophomore.

2. Wow, this air is dangerously cold for my delicate and vital vocal chords. Singers know this to be critical.

3.  Maybe we’ll play on the keyboards today! I’m going to blow Dr. Tyler away with these mad skills of mine. *only knows Bach’s Prelude in C*

4.  I just slipped! I actually just slipped! Why is the Loras Boulevard hill always so slippery?

5.  Okay, I’m fine. I’ll offer it up for the sake of sacrificial love. I hope it doesn’t bruise.

6.  That guy who just drove by is in my class and didn’t offer help! I hope he trips getting out of his stupid and vastly efficient car! OK, calm down.

7. Did I do my theory homework? Such a disappointment.

8.  I only have five other students in my class. *still hides in the back row*

9. I actually really love this Vis community. They understand the treacherous journey it is to get here. It is beautiful how all our morning complaints are tuned perfectly with one another, even if we aren’t allowed to have class in the lobby on the best couches the college owns.

10. I would never change this. Being a musician allows me to turn hearts, dry tears and change lives. How can I look back and throw that all away because of an icy sidewalk or a dangerous intersection? I can’t. I do what I love in this building, and I’m going to do great things with  what I learn here.

11. Crap, it did bruise.

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