11 Things College Students Really Want for Christmas

We are getting older, so we don’t need dolls or video games for Christmas anymore. Our presents are no longer wants, but needs. So give your parents this list … whoops … I mean Santa.

1.    Money. We all know that by the time you hit your junior year of college you are essentially broke. For some people, like me, it happens sooner. So parents really need to understand that it’s not the thought that counts. It’s really just being able to sustain yourself through the next semester.

2.    Gift cards. Not to places like American Eagle, but to gas stations, HyVee, Walmart, and Target. Any place where we can really buy essentials.

3.    Pots and pans. We have made it to the purgatory before adulthood, which means we are starting to gather all the tools that will be necessary come graduation.

4.    Care packages. Before Christmas, students start getting depressed and stressed. Receiving some homemade chocolate chip cookies from Mom is a Godsend.

5.    Socks. Not just plain ones. Find those thick, patterned, a tad obnoxious socks that will make us laugh and keep our toes warm.

6.    Time to relax. When we get home our parents get on our case about cleaning, making money for the next semester, and so on. All we want after finals is a little rest and rehabilitation. We will get our acts together, we just need some time.

7.    Blankets. Get us enough to make a mountain. No matter how much heat there is, the Midwestern winters are cruel and we need warmth.

8.    Candles. It’s just s simple thing, but a nice comforting scent can really ease the mind … and the smell of dirty laundry that we’ve been avoiding.

9.    Appliances. I mean Keurigs, toasters, microwaves and more. Food on-the-go is hard to make, so appliances make life just a little bit easier.

10.    Winter boots. We trudge up and down hills all day long. Having some nice, waterproof boots with good traction is going to be a must to make it through the winter.

11.    Anything to keep body heat in. That means hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters, coats, and whatever else you can think of. It’s time to keep warm.

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