11 Saints You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

1. St. Francis Borgia: Yep, “Saint” and “Borgia” in the same sentence. Great-grandson of Pope Alexander VI, Frank Borgia proves that power-hungry family members are no obstacle to holiness.

2. St. Walburga: Daughter of a saint, sister of two saints, and niece of St. Boniface. #familygoals. Whether you’ve got rabies, or just a cough, Walburga is your go-to girl.

3. St. Nicholas of Flue: Fasted completely (no food, water, nada) for 20 years with no side effects. What time is lunch again?

4. St. Abraham of Edessa: Assigned to a notoriously sinful city, he was beaten and maligned for years. He didn’t stop praying until every citizen came to him for baptism. Never give up.

5. St. Simon Stock: Lived in a hollow oak tree. Received a vision of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, who gave him the brown scapular. Proof that we should all hang out in oak trees more often.

6. St. William of Rochester: After he was murdered by his adopted son (yikes), a mentally ill woman placed a flower crown on his head. When she placed the crown on her own head she was immediately cured from her mental illness.

7. St. Vincent Ferrer: Famous for performing more miracles than any other saint, as many as 100 a day, starting when he was still in the womb. #overachiever

8. St. Bona: Captured by pirates. Traveled the Camino de Santiago nine times (1,000 mile hike).

9. St. Teresa Margaret Redi: Died in 1770, yet her body remains incorrupt to this day.

10. St. Margaret of Cortona: Had an illegitimate son at the age of 17, but a conversion led her and her son to join the Franciscans where she devoted the rest of her life to the poor and sick, despite constant malicious gossip about her past.

11. St. Julian the Hospitaller: Killed his parents by mistake while they were visiting him. Still managed to become the patron saint of hospitality. God’s got a wicked sense of humor.

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Maria Teets is a staff writer for The Lorian.

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